About us

Air Company “TERRA AVIA” LTD is a certified Operator headquartered in Chisinau, the capital of the Republic of Moldova, providing charter passenger flights and a leader in aircraft leasing with a fleet of modern, high-demand and fuel-efficient commercial aircraft that it leases to airlines in Europe, Asia and Middle East. We work with a whole range of airlines, from national flag carriers to low-cost operators.

Our consistent profitability throughout the company’s history, combined with our strong airline and manufacturer relationships, make us a long-term player in the aircraft leasing business.

Since the start-up in 2005 we have offered solutions to our customers with aircraft for short, medium and long term wet or dry lease across the globe. TERRA AVIA is capable of setting remote operational basis for the leased aircraft, adapting to the customer's needs, and offers high standards of safety and service while remaining competitive in the market place, always keeping a tight control over its operations. 

As contractor for many different types of customers, it is absolutely pivotal that we in Terra Avia understand how to target our service on board to suit the specific needs of the customer chartering the aircraft.  

Our Company is going to expand its fleet, increasing the number of flights to various countries in the world.

In 2016 Terra Avia Air Company founded its subsidiary Maintenance Organization JAR-145 “SKY TECHNICS”.

These two companies are developing sustainable and efficiently, and maintain the high standard level according to international requirements.

2019- TERRA AVIA is the first company from the Republic of Moldova that received Aircraft Operator Certificate in accordance with Regulation (EU) 965/2012 on air operations.